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HIPAA compliant, fast, secure, phone service for healthcare clinics Worldwide. BAA agreement and SLA available.

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Velantro Voice HD

The ultimate phone service for medical offices.

Velantro Voice Is a flexible cloud based hosted PBX secured with SSL technology and encrypted calls to assure your phone service is fully compliant with HIPAA without any extra fees. Velantro voice and sms are an intelligent platform that is Integrated with Google’s dialogflow allowing an ocean of possibities for sms marketing, customer service and sales automation. We specalize in delivering business phone service for doctors, medical offices, hospitals, hospices, dentists, urgent cares and many healthcare related businesses. Velantro sms and voice are neatly integrated with Google virtual AI to allow your representatives to handle incoming and outbound communications much more efficiently.

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Distributed & Cloud based Business Phone Service

Connect multiple locations under ONE umbrella

Multiple Locations

Our Hosted PBX is completely virtual, allowing you to connect multiple offices together as if they were one. This means you can dial employee extensions directly, even if they are not in the same office as you. Manage your HIPAA Comlpiant phone system on the cloud and take advantage of 45+ enterprise features all inclusive.

Advanced features such as call center hold queues, queue call back based on agent tiers as well as multiple call center stragies without an extra dime. Unlimited ring groups, voicemail to email and much more. It’s kind of like like getting a filet mignon with a burrito budget!

Advanced Features For Your Business

PBX Developer API for advanced users gives you the freedom to use smart telecom powerfully. yet a simple to use API for your team to integrate your phone system with your patient systems or CRM. Allowing a complete CTI(Computer Telephony Integration) to access and control cloud telephony functionality directly from your systems and eliminating the need to logon to our portals.

Be a click away from your pateints.

Why Velantro?

Unlke your traditional phone service. We have designed our systems from ground upand invested more than a million

man hours developing a secure and a complete solution.

We have designed our telecom platform with patienct security and HIPAA in mind while allowing you

to take advantage of the latest and the greatest in the latest advancements in tech headache free.

Our Features

Give a boost to your business communication with carrier-grade VoIP features.

Serve your patients instantly by applying highly-regarded VoIP features in your everyday business communications.

The most secure and advanced technology available to medical professionals Worldwide.

Fully managed for you so you can focus on your work.

No hardware to buy and no software to install.

Unlimited calling
within US & Canada

Call history
& reports

& follow me

to Email

Operator Panel

Attendant (IVR)



To Call




Velantro SMS

Cloud based chat Business SMS Chat

Allow your employees to sens sms messages to your patients for confirmations and daily communication.Velantro sms platform gives you a cloud based chat portal that allows chats on your business phone line.

Yes. Receiving and answer incoming text messages like any chat app. Thus, Turning your dummy business phonelines into an intelligent AI enabled business messaging systems Integrated with Google AI.

Integrated chatbots powered by Google and communicate using our SMS platform. Train your virtual agents from your Google account and let the bots take care of business.

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SMS Inbox

SMS Campaigns

Powerful APIs


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10 years of experience in VoIP technologies with clients virtually in every industry. We have an impeccable technical support track record. Our aim is to revolutionize how small and midsize healthcare businesses communicate with their customers.

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Sylmar Urgent Care & Medical Clinic

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Some of the medical businesses that rely on our state of the art business Voice over IP technology for their day to day operations.

velantro complies with hippa and e911 regulations

To keep your data secure.BBA and SLA Available