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Not all Cloud hosted PBX is the same. Velantro’s network is optimized to connect calls at lighting speeds. Our private cloud is designed to be fault tolerant and is monitored 24/7 by our seasoned NOC (network operation center) professional engineers.

Voice Over IP has revolutionized how business telephony and telecommunications industry as a whole operates. VoIP or Voice over IP allows voice packets to travel over your existing internet connections instead of copper cables, (POTS, plain old telephone systems) and allows less expensive transit and more possibilities with HD voice.

The Interactive Operator Panel allows you to monitor the statuses of your employees while they are making and receiving calls within your organization or to outside parties. It’s integrated within your PBX control panel section for convenience and ease of use. It is simple yet, powerful.

Interactive Operator Panel allows you to monitor, see the statuses of your employees while they are making or receiving calls within your organization or outside. It’s integrated within your PBX control panel section for convenience and ease of use. It is simple yet, powerful.

We include a complete list of enterprise PBX phone functionality. Our cloud PBX is packed with 45+ cool business features allowing your company to grow without any limitations.

In fact most of our clients are ex Vonage or Ring Central clients looking for alternative providers. Therefore, actions speak louder than words. We have our free trial program so you can try our voice quality before you sign up. Please contact us to arrange a trial for your business. You can try us risk free and evaluate the quality before any commitments.

In fact with Velantro every business phone number allows free incoming messages! You can log into our SMS portal where you will have SMS chance you can communicate with your users using our platform only paying as low as two cents per outgoing message.

The same rate applies for toll-free numbers. Custom quote rates are available based on package volume and usage. Free free to contact our sales department.

We offer phone numbers in all 50 states plus on demand we can issue phone numbers in North America as well as 40+ international destinations!

Yes if you have your pin number then we can port your number.

No, we do not charge for porting, it’s free.

Yes, in most cases anywhere in the world as long as Internet access exists you can use voip Phones and manage employee communication from our convenient cloud portal. All included.

You can sign up for an account and use your API key assigned to you by your account manager. By using our API you can integrate SMS functionality with your software. For notifications, reminders, verifications, from your business line.

It takes 7 to 12 business days to fully port your business numbers to Velantro!

Click2call is a browser extension for chrome and Firefox which allows it to convert telephone numbers on websites or web based apps into clickable Icons. automating your dialing process while illuminating human error during dialing. It’s a useful productivity app where calling rapidly matters.

Yes . If you need to connect a fax machine a secure device is shipped to your premises where you plug it into your router and receive hybrid faxing, efax as well as traditional faxing over secure voice over IP.

It works in 2 ways.

1) Upon immediate activation, your Velantro local or toll free number can route calls to multiple numbers, either simultaneously or in a specified order or, alternatively, record and save voice messages 24-hours-a-day. You can screen and block calls or route calls to any telephone on the fly.

2)Online business tools include call logs, internet fax, call recording, voicemail to email, one touch dialing, Firefox Click to Call widget, user-friendly system maintenance tools and the unique Velantro Online Operator Panel, which is your company’s communication command center for real time call control.

In order to use our services it is necessary for you to have some type of high speed or Broadband Internet service available. It can be through Cable Internet, DSL, Wireless, Satellite, or T1. Also you need to have a VoIP enabled software or hardware, a softphone, or an IP Phone to be able to make and receive calls.

It works in two ways.

1) We give you a complete e-fax experience. Where you come login to our web portal to send and receive faxes by scanning documents for sending. Incoming faxes will go to your email inbox also so you can print them out if you have to.

2)Additionally, Velantro offers a FAX device, which can work with your physical fax device to allow sending faxes with high reliability and maximum resolution using Patented Secure HTTPS faxing technology which surpasses transmission rates compared to Fax Over IP or FOIP with its reliability.

Our fax device works asynchronously with our e-fax product and allows you to use both your eFax and your fax machine in the office for faxing purposes making your company more flexible in using our FAX service.

There are 3 ways to do call forwarding.

1) Depending on your phone model. You may select forwarding right from your phone and all calls to this extension will forward to the chosen number.

2)However, if your extension is a part of a ring group or a queue then you can login to your account at and select forward to a certain number.

3)You can use a feature called follow me. Follow me allows you to simultaneously or sequentially call a cell phone number.

You can call * 97 from your phone or you may call *98 from any other phone. Your extension’s pin code must be entered.

Velantro cloud PBX allows you to monitor your employees using our interactive operator panel.

Voicemail to email allows you to receive your voice mails as MP3 attachments. You can play the attachments on your smart phone right after the voicemail is left. Therefore, saving you time for returning business messages on time and if your clients need your help you know it right away. Thanks to our voicemail to email service included in your Velantro Cloud PBX system.

Yes, We do offer International calling on individual basis and it is turned off by default. If you have to call international contact our international calling department to activate your account manually. Please NOTE all new accounts must prepay for international calling to prevent fraud.

Velantro offers smart block feature, which allows you to block numbers from calling you. If you are receiving random calls from short numbers i.e. 100 or 1000 please open a trouble ticket and will reconfigure your firewall to ban random IP calls to your phones.

It works in 3 ways.

1) Your better option to request support is by opening a trouble ticket since we have document all issues and support tickets have a higher priority.

2) You can call us at 1-888-211-5404 and choose option 1.

3)Send us mail to support at

In most cases this may have to do with NAT (network address translation). Please contact our tech support department or open a trouble ticket.

Yes. You can use your own phones with our service as long as it is voice over IP or otherwise known as standard SIP phones.

Some providers like RingCentral, or Vonage often lock the phones and modify firmware to render them useless if you owe them money.

Simply log into your Google account and train your agents.

Should you feel the need for professional help. We offer artificial intelligence agent programming and training services. Feel free to ask our sales department.

SMS messages on local phone numbers are free for incoming.

However sending messages from local phone numbers does not allow mass or bulk messaging when recipient number exceeds 250 per day! (Carriers are working to increase this limit Nationwide. It is a work in progress industrywide.

If the need arises to reach out mobile numbers in mass quantities a toll-free number is recommended where Delivery reports are much more accurate and deliverability closer to 99%.

Yes. There are very strict laws regarding unsolicited SMS messages which could potentially cost $16,000 per message to you as a sender.

Therefore it is important to work with a professional provider that understands the laws and can advice you to properly tailor your SMS campaigns to avoid any kind of violation.

If properly managed SMS can be a vital marketing channel.

Thanks to our state of the art software you can manage lists properly and categorized opt out, DND(do not disturb) and auto remove functionality.

Consult our customer service department for your specific need.

No, we have a pet message rate for every incoming message. Moreover, while today’s climate in the telecom industry is still evolving around this. Toll-free numbers are a real solution for mass campaigns!

On the flip side of this, local numbers can be great for chat and chat integration with artificial intelligence( chat bots) because your business landline will be able to receive free incoming messages!

Custom integration services are offered through our sales engineering department.

Our network operations and emergency supportare open 24/7 basis.

Regular telephone support is open from 6 AM to 6 PM Pacific standard time.

Our provisioning department usually is able to rule out service the same day.

In most cases if your order falls in the second half of the day the following morning we will pick up and provision your account successfully.

It usually takes between 3 to 4 days to port over your existing numbers to our end. We will need a copy of your existing bill for porting your existing numbers out to Velantro. We will notify you upon successfully porting your numbers.

Yes, absolutely! You can keep all your existing phone numbers.

t usually takes between 3 to 4 days to port over your existing numbers to our end. We will need a copy of your existing bill for porting your existing numbers out to Velantro. We will notify you upon successfully porting your numbers.

No, please do not cancel service until we port your phone numbers to Velantro. Otherwise you will risk losing of your phone numbers. Some providers may release your numbers immediately after you cancel service.

Yes, Velantro provides Mobile Applications for you and your employees on ^ platforms FREE of extra charges or fees. We do not bill for mobile apps or extensions. They are all inclusive.

Yes, Velantro provides Mobile Applications for you and your employees on ^ platforms FREE of extra charges or fees. We do not bill for mobile apps or extensions. They are all inclusive.

Yes, we do offer commitment agreements as well on a custom basis but it’s not necessary at all. Unless financing of equipment or some special terms have been applied prior to sign up. Such as discounted equipment for a longer term or to simply lock down pricing.

Yes, SLA is available for clients demanding uptime. We do not settle for anything less than 100% uptime.

Yes, Velantro cloud PBX offers a powerful JSON based API to be integrated with web services and for custom integration solutions.

Yes, feel free to bring your sip compliant VoIP phone and we can try to unlock your phones to use them with our service. However, success is only guaranteed if the previous operator has not locked the phones in a way making it impossible to unlock.

Yes, in fact all VoIP operators are required to allow 911 to receive the caller’s location for emergency response. Therefore, it is your responsibility to update your address for 911 when you relocate.

Yes, Velantro allows calling of all 50 states in United States and Canada for one low monthly cost. We do not place any limits on your calling or calling habits. Feel free to call all you want.

We will bill you once your service is up and running. This is to ensure that you get a smooth transition and are happy with our services.

We are 24/7 our office is open around the clock and our network operations team works in our 4 global locations to have 365 coverage for all of our clients worldwide. Our customer service is based in United States and quality of service is of utmost importance to us.

You can have multiple IVR‘s ,multiple ring groups, call recording, and many great features all inclusive.

We will keep your recorded calls after one year. Additionally, extra storage may be purchased through our sales department if you need longer storage or you may go ahead and download all your files at the end of every year to your computer.

If you have access to your portal please login and go to app/CDR we’re all recordings are.

No, you must log into your account and specifically enable call recording. You must also follow state and federal laws regarding disclosure and legality of recording calls in your state .

All of our calling and texting plans are unlimited for regular business use. Mass campaigns where are billed on a per message basis.

No, there are no cancellation fees. We are confident about the quality of our service. Thus, there are no cancellation fees if you own your equipment.

Unless there is an equipment lease agreement. In that case it will be decided based on the lease agreement.

If you are using HD Voice per call 105/kbps per concurrent call.

In cases where bandwith is limited. Our compression codec can deliver standard voice using as little as 35/ kbps per call.

Contact our support department and open a trouble ticket. For your security we will manually reset your username and password.

We only bill credit and debit cards that bear the Visa, MasterCard, Discover as well as American Express logos. Please Note: We do not offer paper billing at this time.

Takes anywhere between 3 to 5 business days using standard shipping anywhere in United States.