Help Videos

How to view your live Dashboard

Simple presentation on how to view and understand your widget dashboard.

How to create call widgets in VConnect

This video explains how to add a widget.

Making custom widget buttons.

This video shows how our button designer can be used to make custom buttons to match your site's design.

VConnect: Integrating with Google Analytics and Adwords.

This tutorial will help you integrate your VConnect proprietary analytics system with Google Analytics and Adwords….

VConnect: Setting Your Schedule.

This tutorial will help you set up your company's schedule.

VConnect: Reading Your Analytics.

This tutorial will help you read VConnect proprietary analytics for in-detail call information, including origin of the call, length, IP addresses the calls were made from, and actions that we….

VConnect: Viewing Your Call History.

Detailed instructions on how to view and interpret your call history on VConnect.

VConnect: IP Blocking.

VConnect provides the opportunity to block certain IPs or IP ranges to stop receiving calls. Watch the tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

VConnect By Velantro.

Introduction to Dashboard.

VConnect: General Settings Tutorial.

This tutorial will guide you through the process of choosing/changing the type of your call destinations, your time zone, call recording settings, and other settings.

How to Design Your VConnect Widget.


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