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Integrated Lead Marketing


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Buy leads from us or BYOL (bring your own leads)

Cloud Voice, SMS, Email marketing platform

Velantro has partnered with industry leading aggregators of high quality internet leads. We leverage our volume of purchase to get the best wholesale pricing on leads so you can dial more leads and close more sales.

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marketing powerhouse for your leads

Voice, SMS, Email marketing platform

Let VConnect call your leads and keep your agents talking. VConnect provides a simple interface to manage your telephone, SMS and email marketing efforts seamlessly and more affordably. Utilize it on an unlimited "All you can eat basis".




Lead Manager

sales automation platform for closers

Lead manager allows you to seamlessly create calling campaigns, manage leads and lets you directly or automatically import leads from your favorite lead provider. This allows for better follow-ups of your leads for calling, emailing and SMS. Lead manager elevates the management of your investment in your sales cycle to levels previously unavailable or even hard to manage. All the while allowing you to simplify your business process.


Cloud pbx + vconnect = save more

Bundle telephone with Lead Manager

Velantro's VCloud PBX has been around since 2009. The state of the art cloud PBX will unify your office communications and give you many business features, such as auto attendant, extensions, music on hold and other 40+ enterprise business phone features.

By getting the bundled service, you significantly save on your business telecom costs by making crystal clear VoIP HD calls over Velantro's high end and dependable nationwide voice network.


enterprise ready

from speech analytics to call tracking

VConnect is built with enterprise in mind. Speak with your enterprise specialists to see how Velantro can fit into the picture with advanced tools added to increase your bottom line and enhance productivity of your agents. Buy local numbers, toll free or even international phone numbers for your campaigns or agents. Trigger keywords and get notified of certain conversations between your agents and customers before things go south. VConnect delivers the enterprise experience in a simplified and unified form in order for your campaigns to be successful from start to finish.

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