One of the most common concerns of small business owners is the ability to scale and utilize new tools and resources without drastically increasing costs. Unfortunately, many traditional services can be quite costly and more often than not the burden of making up the difference falls on the company's owner. But the owner of a small business taking phone calls and juggling appointments is not only inefficient, it's a barrier to growth. That's why the advent of advanced technologies such as hosted PBX are so important and have allowed many companies to scale and grow faster as a result. How Hosted PBX Reduces Costs for Small Business Owners A hosted PBX provider allows companies of any size to have the kind of high-end telephone system you'd expect from a larger company without the hefty capital investment such equipment often requires. Because the system is hosted by a provider, PBX offers a number of benefits such as auto attendant receptionist, 24/7 availability and routing, and remote call-in from hotels, homes, cell phones and computers through the system, all while staying connected to the company's main phone system. This saves money in a number of ways, including: Reducing the Cost of a Receptionist – If you're a small business, you can avoid the cost of a receptionist and allow your employees to work on what they do best by using an auto attendant through the PBX system. Never Miss a Call – If your phone system relies on a human to answer and only rings through to your office, you likely miss most of your calls each day. With hosted PBX, calls will always be routed to the right person regardless of time or location. Works with Existing Systems – Hosted PBX generally works with existing telephone systems, whether it's VoIP, mobile, or landline. You won't need new equipment installed to take advantage of these features. On top of all this, because hosted PBX is managed by a third party, the cost of maintenance is generally lower. Increasing Efficiency with hosted PBX provider While cost savings are important, one of the other areas of concern for many entrepreneurs is efficiency. There are only so many hours in the day, and spending that precious time on mundane tasks can severely impact your earning potential. A hosted PBX system is the kind of tool that allows you to streamline a number of operations, including: Geographic Independence – If you travel often or have a distributed workforce, the phone system is virtual and can work with anyone wherever they happen to be. At the same time, because the system is virtual, you can acquire local numbers in overseas cities for a more professional presentation of your brand. Scalability – Nothing is more time consuming that technology upgrades. Having to replace software or hardware in your office can be time consuming and frustrating and it can have a severe impact on the productivity of your team. Because it is hosted, this type of PBX can be managed without constant upgrades. As a result, it is highly scalable as your business grows. Quick Training – There isn't a hefty learning curve for new users when acclimating to these types of systems. They are easy to use and offer online interfaces to supplement the offline phone systems you already have in place. Technology has streamlined a lot of how the modern office operates, to the point that some offices don't even have physical locations and work purely remotely. This kind of flexibility, combined with the reduced costs, the lack of a need for an employee to answer and route calls, and the scalability of the solution as a whole will allow you a much better overall solution than traditional phone lines and systems ever could. If you are a small business owner, or if you are growing and need to upgrade your systems to match the level of professionalism you want to convey to customers and prospects, this is an area where you can benefit substantially.

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