Keeping up with competitors in the real estate industry can be very tough, what with the intense competition happening between agents. Under circumstances like this, it is vital that you fully make use of all your resources and assets in order to remain highly productive while being the top-of-the-mind property agent. Communication is definitely one of the most valuable assets in the real estate industry. It is the nature of the profession, and that is why having the right phone system is of prime importance to the industry.

Time is money and therefore need to be used properly, most especially when it comes to realtors. This is where the VoIP comes in. Using VoIP will help your real estate agents become more accessible to their clients. By decreasing response time, you can significantly increase your profits. According to research, most buyers tend to deal with agents that are more responsive.

Here, we have highlighted some major factors that are worth considering before choosing the right VoIP provider.


Most property professionals are always on the road. This is because they are always showing their clients' different kinds of apartment which are usually located in different places. That is why being easily accessible is arguably the most important factor to keeping a customer satisfied. VoIP can provide the mobility that most agents are striving for. It is quite obvious that real estate agents have completely shifted to mobile communication; for this reason, having a mobile phone-based service is now a necessity. VoIP will ensure that you and your agents remain connected with your clients even if you are out of your office. One of the best decision a realtor can make in today's world is making use of a cell phone for all types of communication.


One thing your customers are bound to adore is when you provide them with just one phone number. Doing this will ensure that they do not have to remember or look for multiple phone numbers before getting in touch with different agents or branches. Regardless of how many branch numbers, off-site numbers, and on-site numbers you have, this one number will be used for your business cards, advertising, and marketing campaigns, etc. This will ensure that every incoming call to your company is covered as there will be no need for your agents to rush back to their desks in order not to miss a call.

To make this better, real estate agencies do not have to invest in a separate phone number or system when opening new branches; all they have to is add more extensions. Just take a minute to imagine how thankful your customers will be when all they need is just one number to get in touch with any of your agents or branches. All they'll need to remember is one number -your brand's number.



VoIP is fully packed with a set of awesome features that will ensure that your agents accomplish their goals and responsibilities more efficiently. Let's take a look at some of them:

 - In order to eliminate uncovered calls, you can set an IVR for your agency phone number. The Auto Attendant pick up the calls and routes them to the appropriate agents, freeing up your receptionist -if you have one- to handle more important administrative tasks. You can even set-up informative extensions for different types of property. Also, the Dial by Name feature will provide your customers with the ability to call their own agent without wasting time.

- The Find Me Follow Me feature can help your remote agents a great deal. This feature allows them to set up a list of different numbers to ring when one is not answered. In short, real estate agents need to ensure that the VoIP provider they choose can provide them with flexibility. They should let your customers find you in every possible way.

- Your real estate agents may think that using their cell phones to directly receive calls from their customers may mix up their personal and business lives. This, however, is not the case; VoIP mobile applications allow you to change your caller ID when you are about to make a call. VoIP also allows having just one caller ID for all of your office and remote workers


Being able to understand and cater for your clients just got better. VoIP can be integrated with CRM, thereby enabling your agents to gain more insights into your customers' problems and personal information. Every call detail, such as caller ID, company name, phone number, etc. are attached to the client. This will help them demonstrate a personalized attitude towards each of your customers. More importantly, agents will be able to share this information among themselves.


Now, you are just one click away from your customers. How is this possible, you might ask? Well, thanks to VoIP's click to call application, you now have the ability to make calls with just one click. Isn't this great? Reaching your customers will be super convenient and easy; you won't be wasting time on dialing or even misdialing their number. Your calling process is automated thus reducing response time. This also means that there will be no more unsatisfied clients with lots of complaints.


In order to boost your business, your agents need to be equipped with the right tools and accessories for staying in touch and being aware of your customers' needs. VoIP has taken the telecom industry by storm. It is the perfect tool for your real estate business, especially if you are thinking about exponential growth. Keep it in mind that the most responsive agencies get victorious in the end.


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