Business VoIP Phone Services

Voice over IP (VoIP) is still a hot topic since it has become the new default backbone for business communication. Not so long ago, VoIP was just innovation that most businesses found suspicious․ Today, it is an ordinary part of business thanks to

Fax has its stable position in the world of business. Though there are emerging technologies, fax still remains a necessity. Some people find that fax machines have already died out and online fax is a better option in terms of ease and mobility. But

The tendency to switch to VoIP grows as the technology develops. However, some companies are still afraid of migrating to VoIP. They are not sure about the reliability and the advantages of VoIP system. Small businesses are even more meticulous when

The IoT is not just another buzzword in IT sphere. It’s something great that has included all the devices around us such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, even refrigerators.  This combination and interconnectedness of different devices revolution

IoT is becoming one of the hottest topics among business owners who want to keep up with advanced technology and gurus. It’s a new phenomenon that will affect our working, communicating, and other habits. That’s why it’s important to have at le

When it comes to VoIP there are two options: either businesses use IP phones (desk phones) or softphones. Both are great to use for collaboration and each provides high-level of communication and high-quality voice. However, there are people who pref

Regardless of your industry or business type, you’ve surely heard about hosted telephony solutions that have revolutionized the telecom industry thanks to its high voice quality and convenience. Hosted solutions are a part of VoIP phone system, whi

Are you tired of all the unwanted calls from bots, telemarketers, spam callers, or just people whom you don’t want to talk to? Then blacklisting feature is there to help. No longer dream about the ability to block unwanted calls and avoid wasting y

Marketing is an essential part of every business, although it is often considered as complex and time consuming. Undoubtedly, big businesses can hire a marketing team and they will handle marketing activities. But what about small businesses or start

Customer service is the backbone of every business, regardless of industry. Providing robust customer service, you will gain loyal and lifetime customers for your business. We have covered the role of VoIP phone system in increasing customer satisfac

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