Business VoIP Phone Services

Small and medium sized businesses, particularly those that are growing rapidly, encounter a number of new expenses that can become problematic if not dealt with. One such expense is phone reception – someone who can answer incoming calls and route

Choosing a telecommunications provider for your new office is just one of the things you have to take care of. When you have finally made a decision to go for it and the license is approved and the office space is rented, together with the excitement

Mobile web usage is growing exponentially year over year and has been for the past eight years. This growth is because of the increased capability of smartphones and relative decline of desktop PC sales. According to Pew Research, 56% of adults own a

“Ever see those buttons on a website that say click2call, but when you click on them, it’s really click, give them your phone number and they’ll call you back. Not really what the name suggests. You thought it would be just like your smart phon

The past few years have been rich in improvements in almost all spheres of online marketing and customer service. Along with the increase of the levels of computerization and connectedness around the world, companies, irrespective of size or industry

First of all, what are toll-free numbers? What are their uses, benefits and advantages? And most importantly, how to choose from numerous providers out there? What is a Toll Free Number? A toll free number is a number starting with 800, 888, 877, 866

Velantro, Inc. is back from the Affiliate Summit West 2014 in Las Vegas. Thousands of people from all over the world gathered to represent their companies, communicate, network and establish grounds for new business relationships. The first conferenc

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