Business VoIP Phone Services

Nowadays, business phones are being equipped with features that would have needed additional requirements back in the days. No one had the inclination that one day, all of these features will be packed into just one device. However, what seemed imp

Have you ever happened to call a company, or somewhere, and get a recorded announcement followed by a song, tune, or signal? Have you ever gotten something like "Please remain on the line, your call will be answered in the order it was receive

When a new technology comes to replace the old, traditional ones, it seems a lot of people are reluctant to immediately implement the changes in their routine. The same thing happened when fax machines became outdated and obsolete. As a rule, they

Do you want to track your business and always remain aware of what is going on in your company? Well, here is some great news for you! Doing that is now possible with the help of the VoIP operator panel. The VoIP Operator Panel is a graphic pres

How do you feel when your call remains unanswered? Do you feel like conveying what you think via text is inappropriate? If you happen to find yourself in this kind of situations, you may have no other choice but to resort to voice mailing. The t

IVR has become one of the most essential communication components a business can have in today's world. From insurance and real estate agents to health care clinics, a lot of industries have implemented IVR into their business communication sys

More than three billion calls are made within the USA in a single day. Can you just imagine the amount of time people waste on dialing long phone numbers every single day? Exactly! Too much time! This problem can now be solved all thanks to today&#

It is quite common for a company to serve its customers over the phone without actually being or having a call center. Some companies are unable to hire a full-time staff to help them handle their calls. Instead, they employ people who are going to

VoIP offers a wide range of awesome features which are more or less, comprehensible. But one of the features we are often asked about is the call parking. In this post, we'll be talking about what call parking is and how beneficial it is to you

A lot of businesses are aware of the cost and damages that can happen to their public image when they are not compliant with the law. The company's leadership is usually responsible for the negative impact experienced by customers and the uneth

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