Business VoIP Phone Services

Nowadays a lot of businesses have already reaped the benefits of cloud-based phone features. Yet there are some VoIP features that remain underrated even though they can have an immense effect on business productivity and customer service. One of t

In our previous post, we have already got familiar with Caller ID. Time to introduce you Caller ID blocking which is the sub-feature of VoIP Caller ID. As we know caller ID is a part of our personal information cause when we call som

Caller ID is a feature a lot of us are familiar with through the use of traditional phones. The VoIP caller ID has the same concept, however, it comes with more advanced features that would have been unimaginable in the past because it now works wi

Do you know any business that doesn't have at least one phone number? Of course not. Having a phone number is an essential part of any business. These ten digit numbers are connected to businesses so that customers can get in touch with the com

The remote working system is gaining more ground on the physical office system each and every day. It is not only beneficial in terms of cost-effectiveness, but also in the advent of cloud technology. Cloud provides you with tons of possibilities y

VoIP has reshaped the way we think about phone system. It is not restricted to calling alone as it can now be easily integrated with different types of business software in order to add functionality to communications. And this, better known as VoI

Have you ever happened to be in an emergency situation? The most probable thing you'd do first is dial 911, right? But what if your phone system isn't E911 compliant? In order to avoid this inconvenience, you need to learn how important it

Businesses tend to constantly facilitate the working experience of their employees in every way possible so as to ensure that they become more productive. One of the ways in which they go about this is distinctive ring. Distinctive ring is a phone

Although telephony has evolved a great deal over the years, there are some features of the old system that are still in use. They simply come with improvements due to the fact that they are irreplaceable. One of these traditional features is known

Have you ever thought of how cool it would be if you were able to measure your efforts on customer experience? It's true that customer surveys are helpful solutions, however, these surveys are not enough when it comes to being able to fully und

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